Ocean Endeavour, Dockside, Nigg

Case Study


Ocean Endeavor, Dockside, Nigg

The Ocean Endeavor is an ultra-deep water ODECO Victory Class Semi-Sub drilling rig which can operate in up to 10,000 feet of water and drill to 35,000 feet. It is one of 13 offshore drilling rigs, consisting of nine semisubmersibles and four dynamically positioned drill ships that are operated by Diamond Drilling.



Diamond Drilling had identified a need to modernise part of the accommodation area on board the Ocean Endeavour while the semi-submersible rig was based dockside in Nigg Fabrication yard near Invergordon.

ICE carried out a site survey then put together a cost proposal which included design layouts. The project scope included upgrading the existing galley, mess room, laundry and hospital areas. This included replacing ceilings, wall coverings, floor coverings, catering and laundry equipment and all plumbing, electrical and HVAC services.


The galley was in need of repair and the galley layout was redesigned to ensure an improved traffic flow around the working areas, improving efficiency and reducing the chance of accidents. ICE worked closely with the rig’s catering team to ensure their needs were met. ICE’s new layout design included a new B15 stainless steel ceiling system with LED lighting, along with a flooring sub screed and new ceramic non-slip floor tiles. The existing stainless-steel walls were deep cleaned to keep the project costs down.
ICE supplied and installed fifteen new pieces of marine spec catering equipment throughout the galley area, including bespoke stainless-steel sinks and work benches.

The mess room floor was in need of repair. This was removed all the way back to the steel deck, re-screeded and a marine spec vinyl floor covering applied. The existing ceiling was replaced with a more accessible Burgess B15 600mm2 tile system including modular LED ceiling lighting. The existing walls were overclad with Altro hygienic wall cladding and new catering equipment, dining tables and chairs supplied. Three new B15 doors were also installed within the area.

The laundry equipment was updated with seven new marine spec top loading washing machines and five double stacked tumble dryers. ICE also upgraded the electrical, plumbing and HVAC services in this area. A new B15 easy access Burgess ceiling tile system with LED lighting was installed with new ceramic floor tiles laid throughout the area. The existing walls were overclad with Altro hygienic wall cladding.

In conjunction with the rig medic, a new design layout was agreed. This included a new B15 ceiling system and a new vinyl floor covering. The walls were overclad with a wipe clean hygienic cladding. New bespoke furniture was constructed, supplied, and installed including the required medical bed and examination couch.

The project commenced in October 2018 and was completed in January 2019. ICE had multi discipline team of between five and eight working on the project at various times.
All the work was completed on schedule and within budget. There were no health and safety incidents.