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Global Producer III (GP3)

The Global Producer III FPSO serves a cluster of fields bought by Neo Energy from Total in 2020 including the Balloch, Dumbarton and Lochranza fields.


The galley facilities on the Global Producer III (GP3) Offshore FPSO, including the ovens and dishwashers were in need of repair. ICE were asked to mobilise our catering technician at short notice.

Our team examined and repaired the list of faulty equipment and carried out a health check on the FPSO’s catering and refrigeration equipment with recommendations listed in a report.

Global Producer III

Global Producer III


The ICE Tech mobilised and managed to carry out some equipment repairs utilising the on board spares available. They also placed an order for other urgent spares required through our onshore procurement team. When the technician returned to ICE, a trip report was created with recommendations for further repairs and spares list.

The report also recommended items that should be replaced rather than maintained due to age/poor condition, this included a seven year old dishwasher with multiple maintenance issues, two combi-ovens, which were discontinued models with parts supply difficulties and two fridges which were out of service and leaking gas. In this case, replacement was a more cost-effective option than repair therefore options were quoted and supplied


The project was executed by our offshore team


The work was completed on schedule and within budget. There were no health and safety issues.