Offshore Accommodation
Upgrades & Refurbishments

Offshore Accommodation upgrades

and refurbishments

We specialise in all aspects of offshore and marine accommodation upgrades.

Our vast experience means we plan and carry out our work to the highest standards with minimum disruption to life on board a vessel or platform. We work all over the world and have the capability to ensure that the project logistics run smoothly.

At ICE, we work with our clients to design and manufacture custom built furniture and furnishings for all areas of their offshore living quarters, ferries and other marine vessels. We understand operational and budget constraints, so our bespoke approach means we can provide innovative solutions that combine great design, practicality and longevity.  In fact, we have the skills and expertise to cope with any working environment where many people live and work in close proximity for extended periods of time.

Determined to set new standards and benchmarks for quality, workmanship, innovation, service, and value; nothing is more important to us than maintaining the highest levels of service and safety in our industry, across all areas of our business.