Catering & Laundry Equipment Sales

ICE’s Equipment Sales Department will design, specify, advise and procure all types of catering, laundry and refrigeration equipment and specialised fabrication and countering.

We are distributors of many industry recognised brands and as such offer competitive quotations for all requirements.

We also offer a comprehensive spares services for all types of laundry, catering and refrigeration equipment. At our offices we have electronic parts catalogues for the identification and procurement of spare parts.

As part of our service portfolio our team of factory trained engineers can provide a fully guaranteed on and offshore spares fitting service and a full installation and commissioning service.

Full Package for the Onshore & Offshore Sectors

Where our advice is sought by clients, full consideration is given to the individual applications and budgets and utilising our experience we will provide a fit for purpose solution to our clients overall satisfaction.

It should be noted that the provision of equipment to the Offshore Sector requires specialist knowledge, particularly in relation to marinised specifications such as materials and voltages. Subsequently this equipment will often have a premium price due to its specialist nature.

Get in touch if you want ICE to supply you with a bespoke tailored service.

Our Suppliers

We are proud to be suppliers of the following brands.