Aberdeen Offshore Architectural Services

One of ICE’s biggest strengths is in design and development.

Our designers work with the client and turn a conceptual idea into reality with the absolute minimum of compromise to quality and safety.

We offer a full offshore refurbishment service for offshore accommodation modules.



At ICE we work with our clients to design and manufacture custom built furniture and furnishings for all areas of their offshore accommodation modules. We have both 2D and 3D CAD systems and can produce in-house rendered visualisations of projects prior to approval and commencement on site.

We pride ourselves in demonstrating our versatility and capability to satisfy all customer enquiries.

Determined to set new standards and benchmarks for quality, workmanship, innovation, service and value; nothing is more important to us than maintaining the highest levels of service in our industry, in every facet of our business.

Project Management

ICE Service Packages

ICE Architectural Services provide turnkey packages for offshore:

Accommodation Modules – conceptual studies, detailed architectural design, upgrade, modification and architectural refurbishment
Accommodation Modules – plant and equipment – laundry, galley, catering, mess and recreation areas, cold rooms
Plumbing, heating and mechanical works – new and refurbished
Electrical, conceptual studies, detailed design, upgrade, modification and installation – commissioning
Facility management – operations and maintenance support, maintenance labour, spare parts and documentation

Overview Brochure

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