Stena Don Semi-Submersible, UK

Case Study


Stena Don – Offshore North Sea

Stena Don is a harsh environment semi-submersible unit, used for drilling, well completion and workover operations in water depths of up to 650 metres. It houses up to 140 people.



Not every project ICE undertakes is a refit or new build. We also provide maintenance and repair programmes.

The client asked ICE to carry out an onsite survey and evaluation of the condition of the corridor flooring at various areas across decks 7, 8 and 9 within offshore accommodation on board the semi-submersible.

We found that due to water ingress getting under the floor from the adjoining cabin shower rooms, the corridor sub-screed had begun to fail causing pothole type areas to form under the floor covering. This was then causing the vinyl floor covering to lift in various areas, constituting a trip hazard. The water ingress was resolved as part of a separate project before our repair work began.


“I’d like to thank you for your work on board. Having not dealt with ICE before, it is always with trepidation that we mobilise unknown quantities to do invasive and disruptive work such as the offshore accommodation flooring. I will certainly have no such worries when engaging with yourselves for future work”
Cheif Engineer


As the condition of the corridor flooring was a safety trip hazard to on board personnel, the only option to fully correct the issue was to uplift the floor covering and sub screed back to the steel deck. Our team then applied a new marine spec screed up to 30mm deep and heavy duty marine spec sheet vinyl with welded joints before finishing off with replacement skirting.

As the floor had to be removed back to the steel deck plate, all our site works were managed in conjunction with the offshore facilities manager. The client was keen to avoid the loss of any people on board or cabins during the project and we also had to consider noise, area access and curing times in order to limit any disturbance during the project.

The project was executed offshore by our project team which included two floor layers over two offshore visits.
The works done on schedule and within budget. There were no health and safety incidents associated with the project.
Before Stripping and After corridor reflooring